You are viewing the documentation for an older version of boto (boto2).

Boto3, the next version of Boto, is now stable and recommended for general use. It can be used side-by-side with Boto in the same project, so it is easy to start using Boto3 in your existing projects as well as new projects. Going forward, API updates and all new feature work will be focused on Boto3.

For more information, see the documentation for boto3.

boto v2.46.0


This release migrates boto2 to the new endpoint format which is also used by boto3. The major advantage this provides is the ability to connect to regions that aren’t hard-coded in our built in endpoints file without having to go and find out what the hostname for that service/region is yourself. No more waiting for updates just to get region support!

Since this feature could potentially break assumptions, it is disabled by default. You can enable it by using either the use_endpoint_heuristics config variable or the BOTO_USE_ENDPOINT_HEURISTICS environment variable.

Even though we are changing the underlying format of our built in endpoints, the endpoints provided by endpoints_path or BOTO_ENDPOINTS will continue to use the legacy format, so you will not need to update your custom endpoints as part of this update.